release in the first half of 2020
Start pre-purchase of Android
Get more powerful unicorn PROs at a lower price through pre-purchase.
Introducing New Features
Chrome Browser Support
Safari, Samsung Internet, Jandex browser as well as From Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and many other cool browsers, Unicorns are available.
Advanced Ad Blocking
A variety of apps (game) as well as browsers You can also block advertisements from within. Now try unicorns in more places.
HTTPS Blocking Bypass
To access blocked HTTP/HTTPS sites Did you use a slow VPN? Unicorn PROs can be fast and fast without slowing down. Allows access to blocked sites.
New Ad Blocking Engine in Place
Unicorn PROs are not supported by existing unicorns. A number of ad blocking features have been added to block them without any problems.
Gather your Internet browsing history. By blocking malicious addresses of companies selling user data, Safely protect your privacy.
Unicorns are powerful ad blockers.
Optimize Korean Sites
Unicorn is the best-selling ad blocking app in Korea. The Korean Filter Database, which has been accumulating over the past four years, is more than any other ad-blocking app. Block ads on most sites in Korea accurately and neatly.
Faster loading speed
Slowed by countless advertising-related data. Faster loading by blocking the loading speed from the roots You can experience Internet speed.
Block phishing, Malware Sites
Phishing site, I didn't even press it. Force-movement kidnapping ads, encouraging malicious apps to be installed. Block malware sites in a wide range.
Block Search Information Collector
Many advertising companies and shopping malls offer you access to the Internet. Sneak search information to display custom advertising. Customized shopping experiences may not be so bad. They think you're willing to pay. We will also raise prices sharply.
Block Adults Advertising
Aren't you tired of the adult ads with snowflakes? Unicorns even cleanly remove adult ads.
SNS Button/Block Comments
Block social comments that you don't want to see ans a shaed button that forces social
Anyone who's ever used it speaks.
항상 잘 쓰고 있습니다.
안드로이드, 아이폰에 사용중이고 단언컨대 최고의 앱입니다. 광고가 별것 아닌..더보기
진짜최고의 광고차단앱
다운로드한지 몇달되었지만 늦게 리뷰올려 죄송합니다 하지만 사용해보니 정말너무너무좋습..더보기
페이지를 누르면 로딩이 딱딱
원래 자주 이용하던 커뮤니티 사이트에 광고가 몇개 실려있어서 로딩 게이지사 차는게 ..더보기
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인생 최고의 앱
개발자님 이런 앱을 개발해주셔서 너무 감사합니다🙇🏻‍♀️ 이 앱을 사고 난 뒤로..더보기
리뷰 보고 샀는데 기대 이상 입니다.
구매전에 검색으로 부정적인 리뷰만 골라 보고 구매했습니다, 다들 한결같더군요 크롬앱..더보기
구글 플레이
최고라고 평가할만합니다
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The Must-Use Reason
General Ad Blocking
Safari, Samsung Internet Support
Unicorns are filter databases that have been accumulating for five years. It supports more than 1,000 sites in Korea.
Optimize Korean Sites
Unicorn is a filter database that has been accumulating for four years, more than any other ad-blocking app. Block ads meticulously.
Support for Annoying Ad Blocking
A variety of advertising filters, such as kidnapping, pop-up, adult, phishing, malware, etc. Block it.
Upgraded Ad Blocking Engine
Advertisements that avoid blocking, even various ads that are difficult to block. No problem with the new engine.
Block All Browsers, Apps, Ads
Supports blocking various browsers, apps, and even advertisements in games.
HTTPS Blocking Bypass
Blocked HTTPS sites without slowing down Safely, right-hand connection is possible.(Download when using regular VPN)
Unicorn's powerful ad blocking feature Enjoy relaxing web surfing without stress.