Unicorn Pro(iPhone)
Unicorn Pro for iOS
Experience the enhanced Safari ad-blocking feature and protection for internet requests from other apps. Feel it right now.
Key Features
Enhanced Safari Ad-Blocking
The ad-blocking feature has been upgraded to block even the most difficult ads that were previously challenging to block with Unicorn(extensions).
Protection for All Apps
Not only Safari, but all general apps installed on your iPhone are now protected safely from malicious requests through DNS protection.
Support for Various Filters
In addition to Korean, it supports various language filters worldwide, as well as various filters such as privacy protection, security filters, and annoying elements.
Filtering Log Function
When the DNS protection function is activated, you can see a list and statistics of all app requests and blocked requests in detail in the activity tab.
Privacy Protection
Detects and blocks potential threats such as site information, search history, shopping history, phishing sites, and malware sites that users access.
Support for Various Filters
Our ad-blocking filters, tailored to domestic websites, have been accumulated over the years and block ads more thoroughly and protect personal information better than any other ad-blocking app. In addition, Unicorn Pro supports various language filters as well as filters for privacy protection, security, and annoying elements.
Protection for All Apps
By using the DNS protection feature, not only Safari but also other apps are protected from personal data collection and malicious ad requests by inspecting all internet requests. You can easily and conveniently see the results of how much the internet is being protected from advertisements and threats.
Enhanced Safari Ad-Blocking
Although the existing Unicorn (extensions) was able to block a variety of ads and data collection tools, there were some difficult ads that could not be blocked. With Unicorn Pro, these difficult ads can be blocked without any issues using advanced rules.
Try Unicorn's improved ad blocking engine today.